Olga Miltsova

What 15 foods are bad for your diet?

What you eat can have such an impact on how you feel ann on your health. If you want to head towards a life where you feel much better, these fifteen foods should be eliminated from your diet totally.

White Bread

White bread is known to have very little nutritional value. It is made out of refined flour that is very processed and lacks whole grains. White bread is immediately changed into sugar once it is eaten and can be difficult to digest.

Fruit Juices

Fruit juice is not really as healthy as it sounds. Juice is actually loaded with sugar. It also lacks the fiber that whole fruit has. So if you want the taste of fruit, opt for the whole kind.


Obviously, regular soda contains a lot of sugar that is not good for you. When looking at diet sodas, the artificial sweeteners are actually a problem. They make your body think it is eating sugar and therefore starts to produce insulin, which can actually lead to weight gain.

Processed Meats

Processed meats are processed, and therefore they contain chemicals. They are also very high in sodium. Both of these things can be harmful to your body.

Red Meat

Red meat does have some good features. It has both iron and vitamin B-12 and is high in protein. The problem is, it is also high in saturated fat, so when eaten at high levels, it can affect your cardiovascular health negatively.


The cheese that most Americans eat is processed cheese. This type has very little nutritional value. It is better to stick to “true” cheeses, which actually are a good source of protein, calcium , healthy fat and vitamin A.

Protein Bars

Protein bars are thought to be healthy, but generally, they are filled with a lot of sugar and saturated fat. They may contain protein, but the other things make them not a healthy food option.


Many cereals are filled with sugar and are highly processed. They may not even have any fiber or protein in them. Picking cereals that contain nutritious ingredients is possible, therefore those are a better option for the first meal of the day.


Candy is obviously not the most healthy food option. It is filled with so much sugar, fat and refined flour, that there is no nutritional value at all. Better options would be dark chocolate or a piece of fruit.

Cow’s Milk

We have all been taught to believe that cow’s milk is very healthy. In actuality, if dairy is consumed at a high level, it can cause issues such as nausea, cramps and bloating. Many people are not able to digest cow’s milk because they are lactose-intolerant.

Baked Goods

Baked goods are full of sugar, refined flour and fats. They also usually contain a lot of preservatives. They provide no nutritional value, and can make you more fat.

White Rice

The problem with white rice is that the bran and germ have both been removed. These things are the most nutritious part of the rice, so without them, there is very little nutrition in white rice.


Alcohol is bad because it can cause a lot of damage to the body. It can not only affect judgement, but it can cause liver disease, dementia, high blood pressure and it can put you at risk for certain cancers.

Gluten-free Processed Foods

Many times gluten-free foods have a lot of sugar and grains that are refined. Unfortunately, there is little nutritional value in these types of products. Luckily, most people are able to eat gluten, so most do not have to resort to gluten-free options.

Processed White Potatoes

Processed white potatoes can include chips, french fries and mashed potatoes. These are all high in calories. When processed, they have little nutritional value. White potatoes themselves are somewhat healthy, but sweet potatoes are actually a better option when it comes to health.

Being aware of the negatives of these fifteen foods can make a big difference to your overall diet and your overall well-being.