Zachary Byer

Secrets of Area 51 to be discovered

Area 51 has been surrounded by a shield of mystery ever since it was established. In 2013, the CIA decided to release information about Area 51, but there are more questions than answers regarding this location that seems to be off the grid unless you’re a government official. The name of the location is baffling for many people as no one has really talked about why it’s called Area 51. There have been numerous theories circulated online and among the general public with one theory being that it’s a testing ground for nuclear missiles.

The secret area can be found in Nevada. Gates surround the property, and there are guards patrolling the grounds. Nellis Air Force Range is located a short distance from Area 51, which is why some believe that weapons are tested underground or in the buildings. The Nevada Test Site is also in the vicinity of Area 51.

These areas are situated on over 3 million acres with Area 51 taking up a large portion of the land. Aside from the massive amount of land that Area 51 sits on, the weather conditions in Nevada are ideal for testing a variety of nuclear weapons and missiles. There are also hills and valleys, making it easy to test gun skills and maneuvers without being seen. Dry lake beds in the area serve as areas where aircraft can land and where emergency landings often take place if they are needed.

At the beginning of the Cold War, officials thought that an area should have been designated for testing purposes, which is when Area 51 was established. Since it’s development, there have been several projects that have been completed, but there have also been a few situations that the general public has questions about. Some believe that Area 51 is where the government keeps a UFO because it doesn’t want the public to know that there could be life in other places in the solar system.

There are random numbers assigned to each of the test sites so as to not create a way to easily identify any certain area. There are a few numbers that aren’t used including 13 and 24. It seems as though Area 51 received its name because it was a part of the larger set of numbers that were used. Due to the intense secrecy surrounding the site and the testing that is completed there, Area 51 could simply be one of the locations that passed through with others when they were being identified instead of holding government secrets that no one is supposed to know about.